Resources: Gathering Resources for Construction Jobs

Managing Resources

After learning how to pick a good drop point and collect some essential items, do not forget to handle problems later, especially for resources.

There are two methods to gather them in Fortnite Battle Royale download game. You are able to find them lying on the ground or open chests scattered across the map. Alternatively, you can smash them by mining trees and rocks with the own pickaxe.

Fortnite Battle Royale Resources: Gathering Resources for Construction Jobs

For the enemy, looking for these materials in this way will make noises. That helps you detect their position where they are staying. It makes them vulnerable, leading to their death after that if you approach and kill them. Scope the area and listen carefully every sound in the combat in the surrounding area as well as hold on until you are sure you are alone before digging up these resources.

Although you intend to skip that job because you are afraid of being seen, you have to quickly build up a defensive base or two in the late game following the crafting system in Battle Royale when stakes are at the really high level. Be wary of everything! Make sure you are filling up resources if you seize an opportunity.