Instruction: Move your character using WASD. Shoot at enemies using the left mouse button. Use the scroll wheel or keys 1-4 to change the weapons. Press key R for reloading your guns, key F to collect items, key M to view the map and key V to toggle the mini-map.

About: is also one of the best Battle Royale games online dropping the players into a dangerous arena where they must fight for their ultimate survival. There are no friends here, only the enemies, slaughter, and destruction. You spawn in a large map then go find a lot of weapons with many types of equipment dispersed around on the ground to gear up yourself. When you are fully armed, you can start shooting down all enemies standing in your way while attempting to protect yourself from their attacks. Make sure you always store weapons, body armor and don’t forget to find more ammo crates to power up yourself. They are all good items that enhance your survivability as well as allow you to deal more damage to others. Stay away from a red dangerous zone that keeps coming, or else you will die. Do not let any players sneak up on you! Use your strategies and tactics to finish them off then climb your way up the top rank on the leaderboard where you can dominate the arena!

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